There are currently four active pilot tests in Sweden: in Vännäs, Siksjönäs, Glommersträsk and Övertorneå.


Mobile telephony (voice calls) works largely inside the house thanks to a repeater that has been installed. However, weak signals were noted at the edges of the house. Outside the house, mobile coverage was poor. For some time, Telia has dismantled the copper wires and then they lost ADSL service which they used as internet / broadband service. ADSL has been replaced by the future network which consists of a directional antenna on the short side of the house connected to a 4G modem inside the house. However, this service is perceived as unstable and uneven. The farm also needs coverage and access to the internet in the stable and workshop. Today, the coverage in these parts is very poor or non-existent.


In some areas, the village has poor mobile coverage. For internet/broadband service, the village has a radio link that comes from the neighboring village and connects in Vilhelmina to the fiber network. The property also needs internet/broadband and mobile coverage in the dairy and workshop.


The company currently has ADSL in the properties and it is planned for fiber installation. Problems exist with mobile coverage when performing forest work for Sveaskog, both in terms of mobile telephony (voice calls) but also internet access for the iPads used.


Problems with poor mobile coverage, which means that you use several different SIM cards, both Telia and Tele2. In addition, both operators lack mobile coverage in certain parts of the village, which means that the phone uses the Finnish mobile networks. When this happens, one can, among other things, not call the support number for DeLaval who is responsible for keeping the milk production running. This is a very important and production-critical communication. Broadband is available in the villa and no further need for expansion at this stage.