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October 5th 2020 | Summary report on the measurement results from Kungsleden

In a new summary report, the quantitative measurements and evaluations performed during the pilot study Kungsleden were presented. In the report, the user perspective and the qualitative evaluation of the project is also included, where users have been interviewed about the pilot studies that they have participated in. The pilot study Kungsleden was performed during 2020, and covers the geographical scope of Hemavan in Västerbotten up to Abisko in Norrbotten.

October 1st 2020 | New pilot report on coverage along Kungsleden

In the Fulltäckning project, a decision was made to start a pilot study covering the full extent of Kungsleden, from Hemavan in Västerbotten up to Abisko in Norrbotten. The report analyzes the coverage needs alongside Kungsleden, identifies the main stakeholders along the different sections of the path, suggests solutions and measures, and includes the experiences from the separate technical test that is being performed in parallel as part of the project Fulltäckning Laevas.

August 27th 2020 | Op-ed on measuring digital gaps published in Ny Teknik

An opinion piece by #Fulltäckning's own Jaap van de Beek was published this week in Ny Teknik's opinion section. In it, Jaap highlights both how the digital exclusion limits Sweden's goal of becoming a global leader in the topic of digitalisation, and the new measurement CCI which is used to measure the size of digital gaps. 

June 28th 2020 | First hotspot by Alesjaure is now in operation

On June 28th, the realisation of the pilot project by Lake Alesjaure in Laeva's sameby* began. The first hotspot was put into operation by the lake with good results. The project team flew out from Abisko by helicopter on Sunday, and worked with the installation and operation of the hotspot under the broiling midday and midnight sun. The next morning, the work of installing sun panels, mast pipes, antennas (in addition to putting the electronics and base stations in the shed into operation) was concluded and the technology was up and running. During the flight back, calculations and assessments, as well as several stops during the landing, were made to see how the cellular signal was working. The team was satisfied with the results, and now the next step will be to also introduce 4G in the area.

New whitepaper about 6G and the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals

Our colleagues in the 6G Flagship program at Oulu University in Finland have published a new whitepaper about the key drivers of 6G in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Johanna Lindberg, researcher at Luleå University of Technology and a member of the #Fulltäckning project group, is one of the editors of the paper, which emphasizes how the SDG:s can be more closely tied to 6G and ICT actors. The paper also highlights how mobile communications can enable us to reach the goals in a wider societal perspective, with digital inclusion as an example.

New whitepaper from UK | Tackling the UK's rural mobile coverage problem

The Brittish consultant agancy Mentor Europe Associates, in collaboration with Mobile World Live, has published a whitepaper which presents a proposition of how to draw a demaraction line between privatly and publicly owned infrastructure for cellular coverage. The Proposition presents an idea of a comercially sustainable solution for both the operator's and the public's needs, in a way that goes in line with the #Fulltäckning project.

16-18 september 2019 | Fulltäckning at Barentskonferensen

The #Fulltäckning project continues to attract interest. In september the project manager of the consortium, professor Karl Andersson was invited to speak at Barentskonferansen, which is a annual meeting between Nordic and Russian parlamentarians.

This years meeting was held between the 16-18 september in Haparanda. The topic of the conference was sustainable transports and infrastructure and present at the meeting was representants from counties and municipalities in the Barent region. In this context Karl shed light on the #Fulltäckning project and informed the attendees of the conference about its aim and purpose. 

9-11 April, 2019 | Measurements in Fjällen

On April 9-11 we did radio measurements to get a picture of how we can build better coverage along the trail between the Pårte-Aktse cottage. We looked especially at the boat route used by hikers along the Kungsleden trail on this route. We measured the current radio coverage against Telia's mast (Seitevare) and we tried to set up our own radio base (which provides local mobile telephony in this measurement case not connected to the outside world) to find a suitable place to create radio coverage along the hiking path AND have contact between radio base and Telia's mast.

June 2018 | Step 2

The project has been cleared for Stage 2 with project start May 1, 2018.

In the Work Plan for Stage 2, four work packages are defined:

1. Needs analysis and current situation description: needs analysis, development of indicators and work with connection in rural areas

2. Economy, models and value chains: analysis of engineering economic areas, operator models and other aspects

3. Project Demonstration: show that the project is doable and evaluate afterwards

4. Information dissemination and advocacy: keep working with communication and influence 


Report: "Rural Broadband Connectivity Solutions"

Published December 5th, 2019

Report: "Value chains, operator sharing models, and regulatory aspects"

Published February, 2020

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From great difficulties communicating with the outside world to well-functioning internet and telephony.

The right technology has become a boost for Lotta and Mattias Folkesson in Selsberg.
- Had it not been for this, it would just have been to move, says Mattias Folkesson.

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