For an Included Swedish Countryside with Internet for Everyone.

Avoid the Digital Exclusion

The Swedish national goal for 2023 is for the entire Swedish population to have access to stable and high-quality mobile services. This project is working to increase mobile coverage in rural areas, in order to create opportunities for people to live and work across the entire country.

Increase Mobile Coverage in Rural Areas

The long-term goal of this project is to create attractive and competitive rural areas with access to mobile coverage everywhere.

Flip the Perspectives

This project is working from the outside in, focusing primarily on rural areas. Large parts of the world are rural, and the challenges of mobile coverage are global.

Satisfy the Needs

This project is linked to the need for e-health, service in rural areas, self-driving cars, remote education and environmental analysis. The project will collaborate with emergency authorities, among others.


Read about the project members and their input

Karl Andersson

Deputy Professor and Acting Executive Manager

Karl Andersson is Deputy Professor of Distributed Computer Systems at LTU and Acting Executive Manager at the Center for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT).

Jaap van de Beek

Professor of Signal Processing

Jaap van de Beek works as a Professor and Subject Representative of Signal Processing at LTU.

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